sun | air

Electrolyte Circulation System

The HOPPECKE sun | air pumps ambient air to the bottom of each battery cell. Emerging air bubbles rise through the electrolyte, ensuring a homogeneous electrolyte density distribution in each cell. The system is switched on and off automatically and is virtually maintenance free.

The system is easy to install (plug & play), works independently and can be retrofit to sun | power V L batteries. For safe operation the system is equipped with maintenance free pump motor and filter for air intake.

Your benefits
Typical applications
  • Economic recharge – increased charging efficiency, significant reduced recharge time and cost reduction
  • Environment-friendly – reduced runtime of additional (Diesel) generators and cost savings
  • Extended battery service life – no acid stratification
  • Minimum maintenance costs – maintenance free pump system (automatically controlled)
  • Reduced battery service costs – reduced water loss for longer refill intervals
  • Village power supplies
  • Hybrid systems
  • Peak Shaving/voltage stabilisation
  • Stations for mobile communications
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Cathodic corrosion protection
  • Pumping systems