sun | systemizer scalecube

High power “made by HOPPECKE”

With  the  sun | systemizer  scalecube  HOPPECKE  provides  innovative  high  power battery storage for intermediate storage of large amounts of power and output of  extremely  high  powers.  Each  sun | systemizer  scalecube  is  customised  to  the individual  requirements  of  our  customers  and  is  designed  especially  for  them. HOPPECKE  customers  profit  from  the  combination  of  lead-acid  batteries  with EES-technology  for  large  storage  capacities  and  high  availability,  as  well  as lithium-ion batteries with rapid power outputs for strongly fl uctuating currents.

Through the modular structure of the sun | systemizer scalecube and the option of combining two technologies, each with their own specific advantages, it can be used in a wide range of applications  and  in  many  cases  is  the  best  possible  combination  of performance and costs. With the innovative rack system an ultimate level of stored power can be achieved in a very small space. Because of this, the sun | systemizer scalecube can be used in many different scenarios, which of course can be combined as required.


Key Facts

  • Insulated 10, 20 or 40 foot container according to IEC 62485
  • Customised design of the storage solution
  • Powers from 100 kW up to several megawatts possible
  • Energy capacities from 1100 kWh to several megawatt-hours can be implemented
  • Maximum use of space:
     -With lead-acid batteries, up to 2 MWh energy capacity in a 40 foot container
     -With lithium-ion batteries, up to 3 MWh energy capacity in a 40 foot container
  • Easy maintenance
  • High efficiency thanks to intelligent EMS, climate concept and the latest inverters
Your benefits
Typical applications
  • Modular construction for various capacities, voltage levels, energy contents and powers
  • Planned complete solutions including transformer sub-station, foundations, construction permits and commissioning
  • Individual service and financing solutions
  • World’s first hybrid solution consisting of lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries for optimum system design
  • Control, visualisation and integration with technologically mature software
  • Grid services
    Profit on electricity exchanges with the sun  | systemizer scalecube: 
    Provide reactive powers within milliseconds and active powers immediately, for regulation of the grid voltage and frequency. In addition, you ensure the reliability of the electricity grid with high
    availability when it is needed. HOPPECKE will be glad to assist you with the implementation and to show you ways in which you can successfully operate as a dealer on the electricity market.
  • E-mobility
    Save on the extension of e-mobility at locations with a poor infrastructure for the expensive expansion of grids or installation of new and larger transformer substations: With the sun | systemizer scalecube  you  provide  high  charging  availability  for  increasing e-mobility at any location and economically buffer peak demands.
  • Electricity marketing
    Sell the electricity which you produce when the market price is  high  and  buy  it  as  necessary  when  the  price  is  low:  The  sun | systemizer  scalecube  helps  you  to  successfully  market 
    capacities on the electricity exchanges by use of the large storage facility and enables you to respond flexibly to the market.
  • Coverage of power peaks
    Prevent  expensive  perfomance  fees  and  maybe  benefit  from a  possible  exemption  from  EEG  levies:  With  the  aid  of  the  sun | systemizer scalecube you can compensate for load and production fluctuations in industrial applications and prevent peak loads, which can overload the grid and result in higher costs.
  • In-house power consumption
    Reduce  grid  fees  to  a  minimum  and  optimally  utilise  selfproduced power: By intermediate storage and consumption of electricity which you produce on your own, for example with a
    photovoltaic system, you can significantly reduce your costs.
  • Independent off-grid solutions
    Make yourself independent of power failures and unstable grids and ensure a secure, uninterrupted supply even in regions which are independent from the grid: With the sun | systemizer scalecube you can implement intermediate storage and supply of power, for example from renewable sources, at the very highest level.
  • Load management
    Companies can significantly reduce their energy costs with intelligent load management. As a component of a smart grid, which is equipped with innovative control and information technology, with the sun | systemizer scalecube the overall load can be effectively shifted, reduced or increased. With so-called “timeshifting”, utilisation  of  excess  energy  and  output  on  demand,  companies can  benefit  from  the  best  possible  conditions  on  the  electricity